Search Engine Optimisation

Using Content Marketing to rank higher in Search

What is SEO and why it is important?

The internet has become very over overcrowded, and with competition to rank high in search more important than ever, Search Engine Optimisation is often overlooked as part of a marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of SEO?
1. Unlike paying for search ads, generic search results are free.
2. Organic search traffic is typically constant once the search result is ranking high.
3. Ranking high in search gives you the opportunity
y to reach audiences you would not have access to otherwise.

How Search Engines work.
1. Crawling and indexing: Search Engines scan and follow links on the internet and index the content that it finds.
2. Search Engines then uses algorithms to determine the relevance of the indexed content in relation to the search query and display the search result in order of relevance and accuracy.
3. Keep this in mind: When planning your website, keep search intent in mind. Figure out what your potential website visitors will be searching for and plan your content to answer those questions.

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